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As a singer, you are surrounded by specialists who serve as your team.  Voice teachers, managers, vocal coaches; all work together to help you sing and perform at your best.  At The Singing Body Clinic, we want to serve as another branch of this team.

We believe in the meritocracy of singing, self-development, and health. These activities are ones that send us on an innate, inward human journey. This journey teaches us the discipline, commitment, and patience necessary for perpetual self-betterment and growth. The profound demands of vocalizing can lead to a richer and more sensitive and thrilling artistry. When our health is used for the benefit of our passions and purposes, it can make us better human beings and artists.


An entrepreneur at heart, Jay Colwell has enjoyed a novel career full of creativity and variety. He has served music and the classical singing industry life-long. In his role at the Singing Body Clinic, he has coached Grammy award-winning and nominated artists, and maintains a coaching roster of singers from the world's leading opera houses including The Metropolitan Opera, LA Opera, Bayerische Opera, The Royal Opera House, San Francisco Opera, and others. He holds degrees in Vocal Performance and nationally recognized certifications in various therapeutic somatic modalities, and has mentored under airway specialist Kathleen Carson, DDS.

Jay is the Founder and Artistic Director of 3340 Recital Series, a charitable organization headquartered in Laguna Beach, California. Credited for its innovative and forward-thinking approach, the 3340 Recital Series brings world-class opera and classical singing to underexposed communities through unique partnerships, collaborations, and hand curated recitals.

Mr. Colwell has also coached talent from Fortune 500 companies with an emphasis on high performance executive coaching, burnout and stress-management. He has provided these professional wellness services to talent from various sectors including physicians and attorneys, as well as individuals from corporations including Amazon, Cisco, Seek Thermal, The Superior Court of Orange County, Everett Dorey, Coast Radiology, Valley Children’s Hospital, and others.

In his personal life, Jay runs full and half marathons and spends time with his family and the most perfect dog Lyla. Jay currently resides in Southern Orange County, California.


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