: From Greek sōma 'body'


An immersive workshop into the continuum of body, breath, and mind.

SOMA provides a solid foundation to explore the singing body, as well as specific physical and mental practices to supplement vocal technique and personal self-care. The focus of this workshop is to provide students, young artists, and working professionals applied knowledge of anatomy, breath mechanics, neuroscience, and a deep focus on the need for proactive and preventative self-care as a singer.


SOMA encourages participants to explore their creativity and connect with their voice more profoundly through a science-based approach to breath, body, and mind.  This workshop is the holistic answer for the modern singer--promoting wellness and balance amidst artistic requirements to create a more synergistic, exceptional vocalist.

Topics Covered

The Nervous System & The Mind

Vocalists must coordinate and balance finite muscle contractions in order to produce a pristine and healthy tone. For this reason, healthy singing is all about feeling more than doing. Moreover, due to the athletic nature of classical singing, one must learn how to prioritize recovery in both mind and body.

Participants will gain knowledge of:

  • The somatic nervous system and an overview of somatic practices such as the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method

  • Proprioception, interoception, and the mind-body connection

  • Stress-relief and the new science of the vagus nerve

  • Yoga, meditation, and practices for self-regulation and athletic recovery

Posture & Breath Mechanics

Participants will find a treasure chest of new, non-phonational practices to enhance their vocal technique. By better understanding the profound interplay between posture and breath, participants will learn how to disentangle unproductive muscle memory and breath mechanics, and instead apply healthy postural and respiratory techniques and concepts to benefit their vocal practices.

Topics covered in this section include:

  • The anatomy and physiology of posture, breath, and the singing body
  • Structral role of the diaphragm and its postural signifcance
  • Breath and body practices and exercises to support healthy respiration
  • Biomechanics, connective tissue, and a science-based approach to building an athletic vocalist

Preventative Health Practices

Due to skyrocketing health care costs and the competitive, high-stress nature of a singing career, it is imperative for vocalists to incorporate and prioritize preventative health care practices into their everday lifestyle. Additionally, since a singer's vocal technique and career longevity depends upon their health, it is vital they know how to apply and optimize self-care practices to their lifestyle.

In this section, participants will learn about:

  • Modern environments and their affect on health and well being
  • The finanical benefit, ROI, and professional benefits when preventative self-care practices are optimal and consistent
  • Sankalpa, goal-directed thinking, and the importance of fostering a growth mindset
  • The innate biological need for movement and its ability to positively influence artistry

The Lifestyle Of A Modern-Day Professional Vocalist

Participants will gain unique insight into the life of a modern-day professional vocalist. With this insight, participants will be inspired to lay a foundation of healthy self-care practices as they relate to lifestyle and career demands of a working professional in the classical singing industry.

A Somatic Exploration

Applied Practice

SOMA participants are guided into an somatic exploration through the mind, breath, and body by a Singing Body Clinic professional.  Through this exploration, participants gain applied knowledge of concepts, principles, and practices that optimizes physical awareness and promotes vocal health. 

Artistry Embodied

Every workshop provides participants the opportunity to experience a recital by a world-class singer and member of the Singing Body Clinic.  Participants are able to observe in real time the full sequence of physical preparation, vocal execution, and post-singing practices.

Created By


Assistant Professor of Collaborative Piano

Carnegie Mellon University


Health Coach & Trainer

Director of The Singing Body Clinic



Consultant to The Singing Body Clinic

Caitlynn Gillaspie

RD & Dietary Health Coach

Megan is a LMSW in the state of Georgia with a passion for people, relationships, and improving the human condition. She is empathetic, educated, and continues to enjoy learning about people and why they do the things that they do. Megan has a background in community mental health and nonprofit management. She brings a unique and forward-thinking approach through her lens as a social worker. With the health of the voice dependant not only upon the vocal care regimen we choose but also how the voice itself is directly related to our health, it is imperative for singers understand and utilize social health practices for the benefit of their artistry and careers. Megan looks at not just the individual needs of a client, but how they are impacted/they impact the communities and systems that they are a part of.

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