Jay Colwell

Director & Movement Coach

Jay's coaching style is approachable, precise, spirited, and breath-focused.  With an eye for detail and passion for somatics, his alignment-based method of coaching encourages students to be intrinsically motivated to explore the limitless potential between the continuum of the body, mind, breath, and voice.

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"Jay and I met nearly ten years ago while in Nebraska and have been close ever since.  I was not quite into exercise then, but it didn't take for Jay to drag me out on a run with him for me to get hooked.   Once you know how good you can feel, there is no going back.   With his help we were able to create a structured plan the led to successfully strengthening my body, completing half marathons, and my first full marathon, all while maintaining a healthy singing life."

Kendall currently resides in Houston, Texas where she is a member of the Houston Grand Opera Chorus and teacher of private voice.  She has portrayed roles such as Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro,  Tytania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Cunegonde in Candide, Gherardino in Gianni Schicchi, Page in Rigoletto, and a large scale of operatic scenes. Kendall has been an Upper Midwest Regional Finalist in the Metropolitan National Council Auditions and recipient of an Encouragement award on the Nebraska state level as well.  She has been awarded various musical scholarships and was named 'Singer of the Year" twice at the National Association of Teachers Of Singing Regional competition 





"One of my current goals is improving overall health and fitness in order to support the rigorous performing schedule that I maintain. Jay's beginning, yet thorough, workouts have helped me realign my body for proper long-term goals. They have introduced plans that are perfect physical preparations for my daily vocal regimen. What has been the best discovery is how our plans mesh with my understanding of proper posture and the body awareness required of my singing life. I am grateful for Jay's tireless support the last couple of months, and the current progress I have made would not have been possible absent his input and help."



"When I met Jay I was coming off a string of injuries and some chronic ailments. He designed programs targeted specifically for me and my personal needs, allowing me to engage in full body, postural exercise without pain. In addition to this, I’ve noticed improved stamina in my singing. Jay is intelligent and intuitive, a great listener, and a responsive problem-solver. He’s excellent at bringing attention to the details of form to help you rebuild your body and its functionality. With this service, I don’t have to look for a new gym in every city I’m in, I can just turn on my phone and check in."



"My work with The Singing Body Clinic has resulted in increased body awareness, freer-flowing breath, better posture, and increased strength; issues I have been dealing with forever but haven't been able to address in a a studio or with other movement-based classes. The ability to work with Jay over the internet from anywhere is a huge plus. His approach to holistic bodywork continues to make a huge difference in my singing and stage presence!"



"My sessions with Jay Colwell at The Singing Body Clinic are always fruitful and productive.  Over the course of our few months of work, I was able to feel improvements in my body connection, breath support, vocal stamina, and posture. As singers, our bodies are our instruments, and no one understands that better than Jay. He has he helped me untangle the residual tension from past injuries, and works with the ideas from my voice lessons to make my artistry more natural and supported via bodywork. Our 1-on-1 coachings help build specific strength, stamina, and flexibility in a way that supports the voice."



"Jay is a thorough, communicative, creative, thoughtful, on-the-ball person to work with. From our first coaching, I could tell he was paying close attention to my particular needs and issues, and that he had expert ideas for every one of them. I also never could have imagined a trainer prepared to work around my travel schedule, varying needs within show rehearsal periods, inconsistent routine, and the limiting physical issues I've had. Our coachings together have felt affirming and positive, but he has also pushed me in a variety of ways. I can feel how much more flexible and pliable my body is now than ever before, and feel that my whole-body connection when I sing has improved greatly."



"I have experienced a fair amount of body work and training, as have most of us professional musician-types, and I can say with confidence that Jay's approach is the most easily implemented and effective work I've done to date, giving me tools to do just about everything better. His willingness to meet you where you are, both by offering services remotely and as regards your personal practice and preferences, is unparalleled, and his endless wealth of knowledge means that he can help synthesize all of our various accrued information into a practice and system that will work every day for your body and life."



"Jay and the Singing Body Clinic have given me my voice back. Our work together has challenged me to step back from preconceived notions of strength, distilled my values from mere ideas into actionable steps, and empowered me to embody my physical and vocal potential. Jay sees each student as a whole person, and tailors sessions to meet their specific needs on that specific day and ensures they have the resources they need to make forward progress between their sessions. I emphatically recommend every singer I meet to work with Jay!"



Jay and The Singing Body Clinic have become my go to source to prep my body for singing. The exercises and approach are tailored to my specific strengths and limitations in a way that leaves me feeling empowered to go forward with both my work as a singer and as just me!


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